Support System

CE bot can also function as an automated support system. Just type out your grievance to it for example in this case the user has a problem with his tractor. The bot will then enquire the user for the serial number of the tractor. Using this serial number it will be able to search its database and pinpoint the exact tractor in question. It will then enquire about the nature of the users grievance to further understand the problem. With each response the bot will attempt to narrow down on the true cause of the problem. In this case it will asks about the temperature of the engine, if the stop symbol was blinking and the level and colour of the oil.

It then proceeds to process this information and find the most likely problem that the user is facing. In this case that the tractors engine is overheating and that there is oil leakage. It also affirms if the tractors is still under warranty and will warn the user of additional charges if it is not. With the users authorisation the bot will then schedule an inspection for the user's tractor. The bot will then automatically log the request and will provide a reference number to track and change the request