Elevator maintenance

CE Bot will automatically notify you in the case of an emergency. In this case that the door motors of three elevators currently require an emergency maintenance. It offers to automatically allocate resources to handle the situation. Upon receiving the authorisation from the user it individually allocates a job card to the resource and also additionally requisitions equipment necessary to complete the job from the inventory. Thus allowing track-ability to both your resource as well as your equipment.

CE Bot will immediately notify you each time you receive a new order. In this case the user is scheduled to conduct maintenance on 15th December. In the event the user is unable to take up the order, CE Bot will automatically check the users calendar and will request the users permission to block the users next available time slot. Upon acceptance CE Bot will confirm the timings with the customer and on confirmation will requisition equipment for that date. It also adds the event to the users calendar and informs the users manager.

CE Bot will automatically followup on a user's existing tasks when they are nearing completion. It will request the user for the current status of his task. It understands the users response and will further enquire about the issues faced during the task. It takes the users input into consideration and will update it in the service database.