CE Bot can procure resources for you with just a picture for reference. The user just sends it a picture of something like lets say a diesel injector and states that he requires 4 units of it and also specifies a deadline. CE Bot will scan the image and will search its database and the internet to find an accurate match. It will then proceed to check out the inventory database to locate that particular resource. It doesn’t just stop there it also broadens its search to find suppliers who sell that particular resource. CE Bot then allows you choose if you want to requisition it from the inventory or purchase it afresh. It takes the users input into consideration and proceeds to inform inventory and logistics. After confirming it also allows the user to track the shipment in real time. CE Bot will automatically inform the user about bottlenecks when encountered.

CE Bot automatically notifies you when you receive an order. It allows you to accept or reject that particular order. In the case of a delivery order such as this one it automatically suggests the allocation of resources to fulfil the order. It acknowledges your input and sends the order details to that resource and also tracks that resource in real time

CE Bot Automatically notifies the user as soon as a supply order is received with the parameters of the order and with its deadlines. It allows the user to accept or reject the order. Upon acceptance CE Bot will provide the details of the transport that will arrive to pick up the shipment