CE Bot can handle CRM tasks easily and efficiently. It will analyse the users requirement and will search the users files for that particular product brochure. Upon authorisation CE Bot will access the users contacts to find a list of clients to send the product brochure out to. It also scans the users visiting cards and adds them to the contact database. If a user would like to add a new visiting card, they just need to send a picture of it and ask it to add it. CE Bot will extract contact details from the card and update these details into its database. CE Bot will also be able to read imported documents and transfer data from it, such as from an excel sheet. It Detects the document sent to it and will extract data from it and arrange the data in its database. CE Bot will then compile the data to weed out duplicates and irrelevant data and will retain only useable records. It then proceeds to write the data in the form of a readable document which allows the user to check and authenticate. CE Bot can draft personalised emails for all the contacts and send them out immediately and CC you to the emails so you will be kept aware of what is sent.


CE Bot will also notify you as soon as you receive a response. CE Bot takes all of these responses and sets up a query-able database with data based on emails. CE Bot is able to understand the users input and will answer the question with data from the database it set up. CE Bot functions just like a personal assistant, the user can just ask it to set up meetings on their behalf. To set up meetings CE Bot will first request your permission to access your calendar. Upon authorisation to access your calendar, CE Bot will be able to scan your schedule for when you are available and will use those dates as a basis of setting up meeting. It creates a schedule using the users free timeslots as well as the customers free timeslot and generates an schedule report. Upon confirmation of the schedule. CE Bot will proceed to fix the meetings.


CE Bot can also be asked to allocate or block resources for particular dates. CE Bot will scan the organisation for available resources for that particular timeslot. It will then proceed to block the timeslots for those executives so they will not be given other tasks during that particular period. CE Bot will also add this note to the HR Software. The bot will also prepare for plan B based on priority. It will allocate resources as backup to ensure business continuity even in the case of emergencies. It will then proceed to automatically send the required information to all the participants of the meeting