By 2020...




Of web browsing sessions will be done without a screen.

Of all searches will be a voice.


Of customer interactions will be managed without a human.



Intelligent. Accessible. Ever Evolving

AI supports in automated sales , service, maintenance, CRM, accounting, handles orders, invoice, technician call center and spare part management.

IM and Communication with Natural Language

AI, Neural Networks and Knowledge  computing

AI based supply chain with B2B and B2C fulfillment.

AI for Machine , Asset, communication and IOT 

Infinite Applications


CyBot understands your entire business from your organization to your suppliers, vendors, and customers and allows you to seamlessly connect with all of them in real-time.


CyBot seamlessly integrates with your processes and also augments them. It aims at making your process completely efficient while actively eliminating redundancies


CyBot’s advanced intelligence furthered by deep-learning allows the AI to make suggestions when faced with different situations by taking all factors into consideration 



Event & Meetings Management

  • Calendar Awareness

  • Resource Acquisition

  • Automated Booking System

  • Review & Rating System

  • Personalised Co-ordination

Task & Project Management

  • Automated Work Allocation

  • Jobcard Scheduling 

  • Efficient Task Scheduling 

  • AI Monitored Follow-ups 

  • Performance Appraisals 

  • Budget Tracking

Sales & Marketing Management

  • Lead Generation.

  • Marketing Analytics.

  • Automated Follow-up.

  • ROI Improvement.

  • Customer Predictions.

  • Email Marketing

Customer Management

  • Centralised Contact Management

  • AI-Assisted Collaboration

  • Requirement Forecasting

  • Relationship Analysis

  • Pipeline management

Supplier Management

  • Information Comprehension

  • Performance Tracking

  • Relationship Management

  • Data Archiving

  • Price Analysis. 

Resource Management

  • Real-time Performance Evaluation 

  • Automated Employee Scheduling

  • Recruitment Tracking 

  • Payroll Handling 

  • Analytics and Reporting

Equipment Diagnostics

  • Maintenance Tracking

  • Service Scheduling

  • Automated Procurement Protocols 

  • Object Identification

Inventory Management

  • Product Categorisation

  • Measurement

  • History

  • Stock Inquiries

  • Cycle Counting

  • Collaborative Inventory

  • Stock-Out Reports

  • E-Commerce

Procurement Management

  • Requirement Forecasting 

  • Automatic Vendor Comparison 

  • Order Tracking

  • RFP and RFA

  • Logistical

  • Rerouting.


  • Receipt, Payment, Invoice

  • Purchase Order, Payroll 

  • Data Migration

  • Automated Balance Sheet

  • Automated Ledger Updates

  • Compliant to Local Law Codes

  • Understands Taxation

  • Resource Availability Forecast

  • Workforce Estimation

  • Critical Path Monitor

  • Bottleneck Identification

  • Risk Analysis

Resource and Work Forecast

Business Continuity

  • Emergency Cutoff Protocols 

  • Escalation Addressing

  • Plan B Redirection

  • Disaster Management

Vendor Management

  • Vendor Selection

  • Risk Assessment

  • Contract Negotiation

  • On-boarding

  • Performance Tracking

  • Risk Mitigation

Asset Management

  • Asset Maintenance

  • Structure Tracking

  • Material Management

  • Procurement Optimisation

  • Dry-dock Planning



Automated Task Allocation

CyBot can give tasks to humans as well as machines using M2M protocols.

Resource Monitoring


understands resources in realtime their status, location, weather. 

CyBot can make people communicate using SIP and IMS protocols.


CyBot shall monitor condition and schedule tasks or services.

Condition Monitoring

CyBot can understand status reports, time sheets, job cards and its validation based on score card.

Score Card Validation

Project Management

CyBot can understand Gantt charts, PERT, CPM and entire project management principles.

Agile Capabilities

CyBot understands and learn methods.

Fatigue Free Working

CyBot understands fatigue free working.

CyBot understands all schedules from hospital rounding to maintenance schedules.

Schedule Handling

CyBot has a internal voice video and chat communication system for remote meetings and to share views regarding a task or event.

Meeting Assistant


CyBot  can understand cost of resource, cost of a task or event and cost of time.

Cost Analysis

CyBot understand the user's calendar and is able to assist with task and event planning .


Calendar Awareness

CyBot understands industries such as maintenance, production, logistics, supply chain.

Industrial Agnosticism

CyBot understands the people you are interacting with, if they are your associates, boss, workers, suppliers, vendors, customers, stake holders based on score card.

Human Awareness

CyBot can understand events emergency, risk and based on it can schedule auto activity.

Risk Management

CyBot can understand yours and your organisations rules and learn from knowledge.

Rule Conformity

CyBot is loaded with algorithms(like transportation model), neural network, genetic algorithm and machine learning. 

Algorithm Augmentation

Global Language

CyBot can understand languages and translate.

CyBot  can record your notes.

Note Recording

CyBot  can create a broadcast station for you or for your groups where you can send them information of mutual interest.


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